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Cash for scrap Vilnius city, Lithuania. Purchase of gold in Vilnius. Pawnshop Vilnius. Pawnshop services (loans) from 1.5% to 10% per month. interest. We accept gold, silver, watches, computers, telephones and more as collateral for the pawnshop. The loan term is unlimited, we extend it as much as you want. We buy BRILLIANS. DIAMOND VALUATION AND SETTLEMENT ON SITE. We buy expensive gold products, scrap, dental gold. We buy dental crowns and they are not disassembled. We buy gold and silver watches. We buy silver (jewelry, cutlery, dishes, coins, technical silver). We buy various gold and silver coins. We buy expensive Lithuanian gold collector coins. We buy amber. Every day, we are asked 'When should I buy gold?', 'Is gold going to go down?' or 'What will happen to the price of gold?' We cannot predict with any certainty what gold or any other commodity or currency will do over short, medium or long periods of time. There are many analysts who dedicate huge amounts of time trying to work out what will happen, there are very few who get it right consistently, time after time. Because of this we tend to avoid giving any definite advice or strong opinion
Scrap Gold prices
57 €/g no changes
Auksas 999,9 2023.05.06
51 €/g no changes
Auksas 900 2023.05.06
46 €/g no changes
Auksas 850 2023.05.06
46 €/g no changes
Odontologinis auksas 2023.05.06
42 €/g no changes
Auksas 750 2023.05.06
34 €/g no changes
Auksas 585 2023.05.06
19 €/g no changes
Auksas 333 - 375 2023.05.06
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