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Cash for gold Hamburg city, Scrap gold prices Germany. Buying price of 18-karat gold Hamburg. Buying price of 24 karat gold. Buying price of 14 karat gold. The company 'moneyGold.de' is your reliable partner when it comes to selling gold and scrap gold. We also buy other precious metals (silver, platinum, palladium), dental gold, industrial metals, jewelry, luxury watches and diamonds. It is very important to us that our customers are satisfied with our offer. We therefore always try to credit the purchase price to your account within a few working days. We buy all kinds of precious metals such as B. old gold, broken gold, dental gold, nuggets, coins, bars, old silver, silver cutlery, platinum, palladium and luxury watches. We buy both small and large quantities. Remember that a single ring or chain is worth real money. Many of our customers have already used our live gold price calculator to independently calculate the current gold value for their items. We attach great importance to the fact that our customers are satisfied with our offer. Therefore, we always try to be able to credit the purchase price to your account within a few working days. Of course, if the purchase price does not meet customer expectations, our gold-back guarantee applies. This means that yours will be sent back to you free of charge and of course you will not incur any costs. We try to comprehensively fulfill customer questions and customer requests. Since the beginning of our service in the field of precious metal purchases, we have been able to delight more than 150,000 satisfied customers with a purchase. In addition to this number, the more than 6,000 positive ratings on the eKomi rating platform also speak for themselves. If you are unsure whether buying gold online is the right choice for you, please contact our customer service, who may be able to assuage your objections or concerns.
Scrap Gold prices
57.92 €/g price up
999er Feingold 2023.05.24
52.2 €/g price up
900er Gold 2023.05.24
43.86 €/g price up
750er Gold 2023.05.24
43.86 €/g price up
Zahngold 750 2023.05.24
35.03 €/g price up
Zahngold 600 2023.05.24
34.31 €/g price up
585er Gold 2023.05.24
19.11 €/g price up
333er Gold 2023.05.24
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