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The price of gold is rising. What to expect in the near future?

2023-01-11, Scrap Gold prices

The price of gold is rising. What to expect in the near future?

By 2023, the price of gold has increased by about 15% compared to the beginning of November last year. November 3, 2022 the price of gold on the exchange was about 1600 USD/Oz, and already in 2023 on January 3, the price of gold reached 1838 USD/Oz. Although the price of gold has not yet reached 2022. at the level of March when gold cost as much as $2034/Oz, but it is likely to reach a similar price soon if it rises at this pace.
As the economy of the world's major countries slows down and inflation continues to grow, it is a bit strange to see that in 2022 the price of gold decreased more than it increased, and only started to increase at the beginning of November. One can form the opinion that the price of gold is somehow artificially prevented from increasing.

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Cash for gold UK, Birmingham

2022-09-21, Scrap Gold prices

Need to quickly find out where to get cash for gold or just find out what the price of scrap  gold Jewellery is in Birmingham? - contact the buyer of gold Lois Bullion.

Lois Bullion has over 26 years experience as a jewellery wholesaler and precious metal buyer. Established in 1985 Lois Bullion Ltd is one leading buyers of precious metal in the country for over 29 years. Lois is based in the Heart of Birmingham’s

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Where to Find Scrap Gold Prices Online

2022-09-20, Scrap Gold prices

How to Find Scrap Gold Prices online
It’s almost impossible to know how much gold is hidden in your own backyard. The amount of gold on earth is almost certainly much greater than the amount that people are aware of. Much of this treasure is locked away in the ground where it’s stable and safe from prying eyes or machinery. But a lot of it is also floating around in the environment, either dissolved in water or suspended in air. In other words, much of it is already worth a lot more than it was just a few years ago. That’s because many people are now aware that there’s quite a bit of hidden gold out there. And for good reason: Finding old junk gold at bargain prices can be profitable business opportunities.

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